Thanks for your interest in wanting to become our agent in your country.

Definitely, we will be proud if we can work with you for a long time.

Cyoam is a corporate digital agency. We’ve been collaborating with several organizations to solve software, brand, and creative challenges since 2019, now we are expanding worldwide. Our clients are much satisfied with us.

Our Core Services

  • Software
  • Graphics Design
  • Marketing
  • Multimedia
  • Data Entry
  • Others

To know more details about Cyoam services list, in the following attached PDF file.

N.B: Within this month more services will be added to our service list.


Generally, Cyoam gives you 2 basis commissions where you can earn regular and yearly.


Instantly You can earn here for a single project.

Regular – 20%


End of the year in December you will get the payment of your total project revenue. 

Yearly – 5%(incentive)

Your Facility:

  • Increase Lifetime Value of Your Clients
  • Training resources
  • Dedicated partner support
  • Marketing Materials
  • Any kinds of help 24/7
  • Involve with UK and BD

Your Responsibility:

  • No matter your industry, you are dealing with businesses for our above services where you just need marketing. Here you can do traditional marketing or internet marketing to find clients. You can find NZ base clients or International clients.
  • You can deal directly with your client or directly send us.


  • How will you get your payment?

You will pay us 80% of your deal and 20% is yours.

  • How to know the service rate?

Obviously before dealing you should know our services rate or minimum need for market research. In this case, we will provide you with a basic chart.

  • How to deal with your clients?

As a Cyoam sub-admin or on your personal website, profile.

More further questions will discuss.

Software Opportunity

Currently, we are providing some digital products freely on the Cyoam website for our customers. Our premium digital products are under market research. To complete our product development it will take about 4-6 months. WordPress Theme and Plugin will have one of them in our software items. This opportunity is also included in our partnership program.